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This site serves as a collection in which you'll find many kinds of different stuff and projects in one place, created by me, Lauri Vainio

News on my projects

What will you find here?

So far, all of the content on this site has been created on my free time as my hobbies. I've gathered my custom maps for Valve's Source games, some music I've composed with a program called OpenMPT and digital drawings, most of which, in a "pixelated" art style. All of the content is divided into their own sections which can be accessed through the buttons above. On the contact page you'll find out how to contact me as well as find links to other sites where I have accounts, each having certain type of stuff created by me. I'll give news updates on my Twitter conserning the situation of my projects from time to time.

The purposes of this site

The main purpose of this site is to be the central place for all of my most important content. I'm also hoping I could figure out which one of my hobbies I should dedicate more of my time to. I'll try to do this judging by the reception of my stuff. So, I'd appreciate your thoughts, comments and opinions a lot at this point. (Check out the Contact page on how to reach me.) All the works that are on this site, I've created out of my passion for working on them. But since there's not enough time to divide my attention to all of these things I would need to figure out my main thing I do and perfect myself in that.

Disclaimer: Even though, sometimes my art may contain traces of gore and violence, it doesn't mean that I would be a violent person myself, and I'm not.