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Larry#1265 - My Discord username

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Places in which I have all the same works as on this site along with some stuff which didn't qualify to be here:

ModDB - My custom maps
Newgrounds - My music and drawings
SoundCloud - My music
YouTube - My 2D animations

Twitter - News on my projects

Collaborating with my brother

I've done, and will do, a lot of collaboration work with my brother, Antti Vainio, alongside with my own projects and recommend that you'd check out his web site. We've been creating video games as our cooperative projects and usually when we work together I've done most of the visual stuff and he's done the coding. Recently, I've mainly helped him out with his game projects while he's helped me especially with map- and music-making. My brother also creates many types of different content varying from applications to music.

My brother's website:

Stufff by Antti Vainio - His games, coding stuff, music and videos