Me as a composer

I create music using a program called Open ModPlug Tracker (OpenMPT) together with a lot of samples and plugins. Sometimes I also compose with FamiTracker to make 8-bit music. My music has influences mainly from electronic, metal and industrial genres and at times I'll make more special songs such as some atmospheric stuff. Still, I guess sometimes some of my songs cannot even be defined by a single genre.


A somewhat fast paced industrial metal song driven by very bassy and distorted leads. It has some ridiculously fat-sounding basses which will shake the foundations of your house and break your windows. When you'd think you'd survive the in-your-face brutality an electric guitar starts spewing fire together with the aggressive battering of drums and cymbals which will leave your ears ringing and your blood pressure elevated and you'll never be the same again.



More metallic industrial noise in Xenode style. This song has an emphasis on bass and has a lot of gritty sound design. It is also my longest track yet being a tad over five minutes. The song could be thought to consist of two parts with differing moods yet similar elements tying them together. At one point I considered dividing this lenghtier song in two songs and maybe call them part 1 and 2 but ended up keeping it intact as a more progressive journey.

I believe this song could be viewed as a precursor for the kind of musical style you can expect to mostly hear from me in the future. Although I'm planning to keep my musical production somewhat diverse genre-wise I do have an affinity for the heavier and darker side of music which I'll often end up reflecting in my own production as well.



An 8-bit song with a rather energetic beat while maintaining a melancholic mood at the same time. The song is traditional 8-bit music with the melodies as well as the percussion being produced as 8-bit. Although I did add a reverb to the instruments in post-processing along with other adjustments. I'm very content with how this song turned out especially the melody and the parts where the rhythm instrument sounds really heavy.



A very atmospheric piece of ambient music with a strong space vibe. There's an ethereal alien-like drone with a chill melody and some mysterious sounds surrounding it. This song isn't musically very complex as my idea was to make a song with a relaxing soundscape with simple elements in it.



I suppose the closest genre definition for this song would be industrial metal. It is one of my simpler songs with a hammering beat, a bunch of distortion and a bit of glitchy electric sounds. The song sounds somewhat aggressive and may even be considered a little silly.